The 5 Personality Traits Of A Good IAS Offer


A highly successful IAS coaching centre in Chennai aptly put it. Becoming a great IAS officer is not all about studying hard for the competitive exam. It is also about developing the right personality traits that suit the post. Most times candidates ignore this advice and then face obstacles later on in life. So, come out of your comfort zone and begin to work hard on the following qualities just as you would with your study material.

  • Thorough knowledge of the nation is one of the musts of the UPSC exam. Many of the subjects tested are related to the country’s information. But theoretical knowledge is not the goal post. Every aspirant should also be aware of the diverse cultures and society that make our nation great. Respecting different religions, philosophies and languages that are spoken in India is a crucial trait in a civil servant.
  • Every mentor and teacher says it ad nauseam – read a newspaper daily if you want to clear UPSC CSE. While reading the leading newspaper every day is an admirable task, it is not enough. To get a balanced view of our motherland, you need to read the regional dailies. They offer a viewpoint of the other side and give an IAS aspirant a clear perspective of every issue.
  • The IAS exam is not about mugging facts and theorems and then vomiting them during the test. The UPSC CSE assess that real-life aptitude of a person. It checks how well you would perform when given with a problem that is faced by individuals on a daily basis. So, build the habit of learning in your own words instead of what is delivered in a book or taught in coaching. The best approach for it would be to write your personal notes and then prepare from them.
  • Having a cursory knowledge about subjects and topics doesn’t make a worthy IAS officer. Learning superficially will only cause you to fail in the UPSC conducted test. Though the curriculum of the exam covers almost every topic under the sun, it also demands in-depth knowledge of specific issues. It is important to dive deep because it gives you the wisdom to correctly assess the situations of the present society.
  • While being able to read, write and speak in English is considered a commendable achievement, one should not be ashamed if they don’t. India is a secular country, and the 8th Schedule of the Constitution recognises and supports many languages. Therefore, if you are not fluent in English, then take the UPSC exam in your birth-tongue. Choose the dialect you are most comfortable with to finish the Mains Exams. The Commission doesn’t discriminate between vernaculars and respects candidates for all corners of the nation.

These 5 behaviours are very subjective. They are based on the ingrained capabilities of a person. Cultivating them, accepting them and being proud of them will ensure that the individual succeeds not only as a civil servant but as a citizen of the world.


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