Augmenting Your IAS Preparation Through Apps

Tips that help to easily crack IAS exam

The Top IAS Academy in Chennai says that supporting the preparation of IAS aspirants through various means is a noble task. Be it mentors, study material, online classes or apps, the more the ways of studying the better the chances of clearing the UPSC conducted exam. Today, we take a look at four mobile apps that can be employed while preparing for the civil services test.

  • UPSC IAS All in One

The app is targeted for individuals who are looking to emerge victorious in the Prelims section of the UPSC exam. Recommended by toppers, the phone application gives access to:

o   Study Material

o   NCERT Textbooks

o   Daily Insights

o   Short Notes Of All Subjects

o   Question Bank

o   Topic Wise Quizzes

o   Subject Wise Quizzes

o   NCERT Textbook Quizzes

o   Previous Year Papers Online Tests

o   Last Year Question Papers

o   Essential Tips & Tricks For Prelims

There are also some video lectures on the app that is free of any charge. People searching for a way to practice essay writing will also find the mobile app very helpful.

  • UPSC Guide:

A single app that provides knowledge for many things UPSC IAS, CSAT, Daily GK and Current Affairs. The mobile platform aims to ensure every vital news is visible to the world. Therefore, it aggregates news pieces from websites and YouTube channels and offers them to the viewer as fast as possible. It ensures that the news notifications a person gets are related to the field. The endeavour is to keep every aspiring civil servant up to date. The information the app collects and generates is:

o Taken from more than 40 websites including news channels

o Videos from RSTV, UGC and Uncademy

On the App, a person can perform the following functions:

o    Topic-wise menu sorting

o Download articles to read offline

o Important items marked as Star

o Get title and summary of articles

o Search Filters through keywords

o Share articles via Email, Facebook, Whatsapp

o Sort the news by newest, by oldest, by feed

  • ClearIAS App

The app is an all-inclusive study package for civil service aspirants.  It is considered to be the best app not only because it offers features for IAS prep but also material focused on IPS. The mobile application is free and has seen thousands and thousands of downloads on Google and Apple App Store. The USP of the application is that it gives online and offline support to the student which means a person can keep on preparing even without an internet connection.

There is no dearth of knowledge available to CSE takers as long as they are ready to look for it. We hope that by giving you an introduction to three of the apps that cater to the IAS exam, we open a new world of opportunity for you. Our goal is always the same to offer as many sources of preparation as possible to civil services candidates to ensure their success in life.

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